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We offer premium petrol and diesel, for all cars, all our products are 1. class/high class If you decide to purchase your petrol or diesel at SHER, we assure you, that you and your car will be happy you did, we only offer the best of the best.

Our petrol and diesel is of the finest quality available.

We have more than 6 stations in Hawler, who are looking forward to your visit, and we are striving to build more SHER petrol stations, so that you never need to refill your vehicle, with bad petrol, because SHER will always be there for you,- just around the corner.

Our goal is to be your neighborhood petrol station and of course your petrol station of choice.





Our professional and helpful staff, are looking forward to make sure, you become yet another satisfied SHER costumer. At SHER we are always trying to better our petrol stations, and our selection of fuel, so that you always have the broadest, and best selection of high quality petrol and diesel, to choose from.

Furthermore we at SHER, are the only petrol station who offer 24/ 7 hours service, so that you never run out of our best quality petrol and diesel, and stress is no longer a factor since our opening hours are this broad spectered.

If you want your car to live a little longer, and drive more smoothly, SHER petrol and diesel is the answer for you. We guarantee you will find that your car will provide a lot more, and your driving experience will increase rapidly.

Our facilities are all designer made, and they measure up to the newest and best international modern standards.

Every year we review our SHER petrol stations, so that we can modify, and make sure that our great standard, is always at the same stage as the first day of opening.


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